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Brian Stanic
Member since:   May 2010 (Founder Member)
Based:   Welwyn Garden CityInteractive Directions
Telephone:  01707 695651
Helpdesk: This Member participates in our On-line Helpdesk

Something about myself

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit our Website. I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, and you think I may be able to help, then please feel free to contact me via any of the contact options on this page.

I am the Founder and Director of The Holt Partnership, a company that was set up with the main objective of offering quality, affordable Web Design services to small and medium sized businesses. We develop Websites, not only for local businesses and individuals, but also for businesses throughout the rest of Hertfordshire, the UK and Internationally.

Since our formation, we have gone from strength to strength and our Website is now, arguably, one of the most informative Web Design Websites to be found anywhere on the Internet today.

Since our services are, typically, three to four times cheaper than most of our competitors, our clients are now able to own a Website that only a few years ago, would have been out of their reach or just a distant dream.

So why do I enjoy being a member of Heard It On The Grapevine?

Apart from the financial benefits of being part of a forward thinking Networking Group, meeting like minded business owners in a relaxed and informal setting is something I look forward to each week. We enjoy a lovely cooked breakfast every Wednesday morning at the Best Western Homestead Court Hotel and being able to offer and receive advice in such a relaxed atmosphere is something I find very stimulating and useful.

As the Founder Member, it is very rewarding when new members join us from other well know Networking Groups and tell us how much more enjoyable and productive our meetings are. It is something we are very proud of.

Affordable Website DesignWhat makes us different?

There are, literally, thousands of Web Design Firms in the UK and it can be quite daunting deciding which Website Designer to use. Many of these firms churn out cheap looking Websites, whilst many others appear more interested in covering their business overheads than developing quality Website solutions at affordable prices. We are different, however;

  • All Websites we design are built to the highest quality in terms of both design and leading edge coding techniques.
  • Our prices are, typically, three to four times cheaper than most of our competitors for similar, high quality Websites.
  • We are at the forefront of ready-made Website solutions, allowing our client's to save, literally, thousands of pounds, and own a Website that previously, may have been out of reach or just a distant dream.
  • We are a Full Service Web Design Firm and are, therefore, able to help with all aspects of our client's Website and Website Marketing.
  • We never maximise profits at our client's expense. We will always recommend the cheaper option if it is in our client's interest.
  • We help guide clients through the process of what it takes to build a successful Website.
  • All clients have their very own Project Manager and single point-of-contact for the duration of their time with us.
  • Our internal processes are designed to cut down the amount of time clients need to spend on the project. In fact, the whole process can be conducted via Email and Telephone.
  • Our Web Designs are developed by some of the World's leading Graphic Designers. Why settle for second best?
  • We have over 14,000 Customised Website Templates to choose from. This gives, a top-end Website at a fraction of what it would cost for a totally Custom Designed Website.
  • We offer a choice of six different On-line Shopping Systems.
  • We offer a range of Web Design services to suit all budgets.
  • Simple updates to Websites during the year are free-of-charge.
  • We offer free, unlimited telephone support on any Website or Website Marketing queries. We prefer clients to think of us as their Business Partner rather than the archetypal supplier.
  • We offer free advice on how to write compelling, written content for your Website.

Website Design Welwyn Garden City HatfieldComprehensive Web Design Services

We offer a full range of Web Design services, from Entry Level Websites, right through to multi-functional On-line Shopping systems. Either way, our services represent incredible value for money. Savings of many thousands of pounds can be made compared to what is being offered by many other traditional Web Design firms. Our Web Design services can be summarised as follows;

Three Page, high quality Website for £120

Subscribe today and have your own Three Page Website, complete with business email, live on the Internet within 48 hours.

Your Website will be based on one of our stylish, Web Builder Plus Templates (over 450 to choose from) and also includes free, comprehensive Website statistics, telling you how many people are visiting your Website and which Search Engines they are being referred from. Click here to see how it could look.
Cheap Low Cost Website Web Design

Entry Level Websites from £10 per month with unlimited number of pages

Clients can build their own Web Site from a choice of over 400 professionally designed Website Templates and have it live on the Internet within 24 hours. Cheap on cost, never on quality. Absolutely, no technical experience or specialist software required. Pay monthly and cancel any time with no penalties. Wizard driven design process makes the system very easy to use.
Cheap Website Design

Top-end Website Design based on Customised, award winning Website Templates

Clients can save thousands of pounds by basing their Website on one of our award winning customised Website Templates. There are over 11,000 to select from and the Templates are developed by some of the Internet's leading Graphic Designers. Eight page Website with all the trimmings for £795.
Affordable Website Design

Custom Website Design

We offer two types of Custom Designed Web Pages; Design and Database Applications. Our Design services offer an alternative to our ready-made Customised Website Templates and is ideal for customers with specific design requirements. Prices start from £1,295. Our Database services are geared towards complimenting the Website Solutions offered in our Small Business Web Applications.
Custom designed Web Pages

Accountants Web Design

We are one of the fastest growing suppliers of Web Design services to the Accountant profession in the UK. No need for expensive monthly contracts. Clients can pay a one-off fee of £795 for a 22 page Website based on one of our award winning Templates. Add additional content by purchasing our Tax Resource modules, bringing Websites up to approximately 75 pages of quality content.
Accountants Web Design

We offer four of the Internet's leading On-line Shopping Engines

Our clients can select from four of the Internet's leading On-line Shopping Engines and can do so for as little as £1,150. Shops can be updated at any time with 24/7 access to a password protected Administration Consol. Unlimited amount of products and categories can be created and the system, automatically, calculates Taxes and delivery charges. Clients can choose from a range of nearly 500 stunning Design Templates to make their Websites the envy of many of their competitors.
Affordable E-commerce Design Solutions

Helping to make client Website proactive business tools

By sourcing some of the World's leading Small Business Web Applications and integrating them into client Websites, our customers can save thousands of pounds compared to solutions offered by other traditional Web Design firms. These include On-line Helpdesk, On-line FAQNews Management, On-line Newsletter, Links Directory, On-line Shops, On-line Photo Gallery, HTML Form Design, On-line Surveys and Event Calendar systems. Most of these systems can be purchased for as little as £245.
Small Business Web Applications

Animated Website Intros

For those clients who want their Website Homepage or Website Headers to convey powerful sales messages in media format, then we have a selection of over 150 stunning, Ready -made, Animated Website Intros to choose from. Typically, these would cost in excess of £1,500 if developed from new. Our clients can purchase them for as little as £165.
Flash Site Intro Templates

High Quality, Ready-made Logos

As an alternative to custom designed logos which can cost many hundreds of pounds, we offer a selection of over 1,400 high quality, Ready-made Logos for as little as £95 each. Or clients can order the Template and edit the Logos themselves for a little under £14.
Ready Made Website Logos

Domain Name registration ownershipDomain Name Registration & Website Hosting

The Holt Partnership offer one of the most cost effective and featured packed Domain Registration services on the Internet today. Registering a new Domain has never been easier and can be completed in less than 10 minutes and be up-and-running within 24 hours. Clients can combine this with our fully featured Website Hosting Plans and free support to have all the resources they need to run their Website on the Internet.

Domain Name Registration

Clients can register their Domain Names directly from our Website in under ten minutes. We offer all the most popular Domain Types, such as,, .com, .net and .biz names. All Domain Names include, amongst other things, Email forwarding, 24/7 access to a Domain Name Control Panel, a free one page Website and a free Domain For Sale page.

Remember, if a client only requires an Email presence to give them more of a professional electronic image, then there is no need to purchase a Website. In fact, at the prices listed below and for the above reasons, there is no good reason why all businesses should not have a Web Address as an absolute minimum.

The Domain types,,,, are all £8.50 for two years registration. The Domain types, .com, .net, .biz, .info, .name and .org, are all £13.00 for one year registration.
Purchase Domain Names

Affordable Web Hosting PlansAffordable Website Hosting Plans

The Holt Partnership offer some of the most affordable Web Site Hosting Plans on the Internet today. Every Hosting plan we offer, puts you in total control of your Website.

Our World leading ThpAdmin Control Panel, makes maintaining a Website an absolute breeze. Even for those embarking on their first Hosting account, the combination of ThpAdmin's intuitive Web interface and our free, friendly Support service, gives clients the confidence to maximise the benefits of Hosting their Website with us.

HostStarter - £1.42 per month

Ideal for the very Small Business or individual, looking for an affordable Web Site Hosting plan. Why pay for extra services when you do not need them. This plan is based on years of experience, knowing, exactly, what new Start-up Websites require to bring their services and products to the Internet. Why not make full use of ready-made systems for Photo Gallery, Tell-a-friend, Javascript effects, Online Forms and Guestbook.
HostStarter Hosting Plan

Lite100 Professional Hosting Plan for as little as £4.08/month

Designed, specifically, for the majority of Small Businesses. This Hosting Plan has more Email accounts and two MySql Databases for Database driven solutions. Additional FTP accounts can also be created, giving access to particular areas of a Website. This plan has built-in Membership Management and Secure Server Access systems. Includes everything in HostStarter and much more.
Lite100 Professional Hosting Plan

Lite200 Professional Hosting for as little as £5.75/month

Again, this Website Hosting Plan is designed, specifically, for Small Businesses. It also giving more flexibility for different people to update specific areas of the site. This Plan has more Email accounts and 5 MySql Databases for Database driven solutions, such as E-commerce Websites. This plan also has a built-in Web Forum system and over £300 of additional software. Includes everything in Lite100 Professional and much more.
Lite200 Hosting Plan

Business Pro100 Hosting Pan For As Little As £6.58/Month

Our low cost Web Site Host Plan, Business Pro100, is designed for the business with plans to turn their Website into a proactive business tool. Create separate databases for applications to help them run faster. Create sub-domains for websites to offer support or client areas. Run a Web Helpdesk system and sell Online by installing the highly popular osCommerce Shopping Cart system. Clients can even run their own Banner Advertisement program on their Website. Includes everything in Lite200 Professional and much more.
Business Pro100 Hosting Plan

Business Pro400 Hosting Pan For As Little As £8.25/Month

Our top end, premium Hosting plan for the business, serious about making an impact on the Internet. Includes all the services we currently offer, plus a large number of system accounts to keep even the most adventurous happy. Also includes, 2 further very popular Shopping Carts and 2 of the most popular Content Management systems on the Internet today. If that wasn't enough, we have also included nearly 550 attractive Web Design Templates to use for developing your Website. Includes everything in Business Pro100 and much more.
Business Pro400 Hosting Plan

Website Marketing and OptimisationWebsite Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation Services

We offer comprehensive Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services at some of the lowest costs in the UK. Our services can include anything from simple Website Submission to all the major Search Engines, through to a full Website appraisal with advice on how to, effectively, optimise Websites for Search Engines and how to create compelling written content to help turn Website visitors into potential new clients.

Website Submission

We offer three services for our clients to choose from. The first is a Custom Search Engine submission services to 141 of the World's main Search Engines (that take submissions) for a one-off fee £19.95. The second, is a manual submission service to the UK's leading free, Search Engines and Directories for a one-off cost £395. The third is a list of Free UK Directories for a one-off cost £19.95.
Website Submission Services

SEO Reports

Have you ever wondered, where your Website is listed (if at all), in all the leading Search Engines in the UK and Worldwide, for your key search phrases. Our SEO Reports service, removes the guessing and a lot of time (and money) by generating reports showing your current page ranking. Reports can also be generated, comparing current rankings to previous results. Detailed reports from £49.95.
Search Engine Ranking Reports

Top Ten Web Ranking Reports

Save yourself a lot of time and money, by purchasing one of our Web Ranking reports, giving a comparison between your own and the top ten Websites for specific key search phrases. The report, can highlight areas of your Website, where changes need to be made, to compete with the leading sites. Prices from £49.95.
Top Ten Ranking Reports

Search Phrase Key Word Analysis For Search Engines

Websites, without key search phrases for their particular industry, will find it difficult attracting visitors via Search Engines. Well designed Websites, are based on incorporating, key industry search phrases, currently, being entered into Search Engines. Let us help create key search phrases by tailoring one of our Key Search Phrase options. prices from £99.95.
Key Search Phrase Analysis

Keyword Density Analysis

For those, who wish to optimise their own Website but do not have the resource to, manually, check if their Website may be penalised for "keyword stuffing", can take guesswork out of the equation by purchasing one of our Keyword Density Analysis Reports. Prices from £9.95.
Keyword Density Analysis Reports

SEO Visibility Reports

Check if, your Web Pages are Search Engine friendly, by purchasing one of our SEO Visibility Reports. These reports, analyse web pages, to determine, what Search Engine Robots actually see. Prices from £7.95.
SEO Visibility Reports

Search Engine Optimisation Service - Website Appraisal

Give your Website a much needed health check by using us to give an objective appraisal of your Website from a Search Engine and Meta Optimisation perspective. Service from £995.
Website Appraisal Service

Link Popularity Campaigns

Link Popularity campaigns are one of the most important steps for achieving good Search Engine ranking results. Depending on your internal resource and budget, we can work with you, to put forward a plan, that causes least disruption to your own time and gives the best return on investment. Prices from £995.
Link Popularity Campaigns

Pay Pay Per Click Advertising

Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, such as, Google's AdWords system, are ideal approaches to take, when launching new products, services or a new Domain Name. Our service includes, setting up a Google AdWord account to a stage where, it can be passed to you for day-to-day maintenance and monitoring. Prices from £195.
Pay Per Click Advertising Google AdWords

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