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Frequently asked questions about joining our Networking Group Breakfast

Frequently asked questions about joining our Networking Group Breakfast
Below, are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Group. All answers include fuller descriptions in various other pages within this section of our Website. If at the end of your visit there are still some unanswered questions about our Group, then please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help.


Basically, yes! To qualify for membership;

  • Your business must be based within 15 miles of the Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield area.
  • You are able to attend at least 50% of the weekly breakfast meetings (applies to Full Members only).
  • Your Trade/Profession is not already represented within our Group

More information can be found in our How to Join page.

  • Our community based website will help fast-track your business into the local community by giving you significantly more Internet exposure.
  • The vast majority of the local population, in time, will know about Heard It On The Grapevine and will be encouraged to visit our Website, continuously. All other Networking Groups in the area are, practically, anonymous and are of no interest to the general public, other than, those wishing to join a Networking Group..
  • Our community based website is, specifically, designed to be more outward focused and of interest to the local population. The more interesting our Website is, the more people will visit, giving more opportunities for our members to do business.
  • We are one of the leading pioneers, if not the only, of multi-dimensional, Business Referral/Networking, Communication and Advice Groups in the UK.
  • Benefit from our New Members Joining Pack, including, amongst other things: significantly discounted or free services; free five page micro Website within this site; free premium listing in our On-line Directory; free entries to our Online Event Calendar; participation in our Online Helpdesk system; and free use of conference facilities when available.
  • Select from two Membership Plans. Full membership or our unique Season Ticket Plan, for those who appreciate the benefits of networking but can't commit to our weekly meetings.
  • Unlike other Networking Groups, members are not "chastised" for missing meetings and referrals are always welcome but not mandatory!

Yes, you can attend up to one Breakfast Meeting before committing to join. There will be a cost of £11 per visit. To attend, simply contact us by any of the methods via our Contact page. Since we have to notify our Meeting Host to prepare extra places for guests, we would be grateful if you could confirm your interest, only if, you can definitely attend.

Helping to integrate your business into the local community is one of the main objectives of our Group. Whereas, many Networking Groups are very inward focused and are purely Business-to-Business, we also identified the need to sell ourselves to the local community.

To do this, we developed this community based website and it is the perfect medium for integrating the Group and it's Members into the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield area. The majority of our revenue is used for marketing the Group's community based website into the local community. The more people who visit, the more exposure our Members receive, the greater the opportunity for our Members to do business with them.

Ultimately, our aim is for the Group to be widely known and respected by the majority of the Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield population. A place where they can go and communicate with other local residents, and a place where they can go to tap into local business expertise in the form of our unique Online Advice Helpdesk.

If you are a Full Member and you are unable to make one of our Breakfast Networking Meetings, then you can send someone along in your place. We call these individuals, Substitutes. A substitute can be from the same business or from a different business, entirely. If from a different business, the Substitute gives a one minute presentation about your business and a second presentation about their own business. Substitutes ensure your business is represented at meetings and reduces the chances of missed sales opportunities.

Unlike the majority of other Networking Groups, Substitutes are not mandatory.

A referral is a potential sales lead given by one member to the other. Referrals are usually given at our Weekly Networking Meetings. Perhaps you know someone who is looking for a product/service, offered by another Group Member. Or during one of the Breakfast Meetings, you believe you may know someone who may be able to help one of the other Member's on an issue/subject they have raised.

Although, we try and encourage Members to "keep their ear to the ground" on behalf of other Group Members, referrals are not mandatory. If you unable to bring any referrals to particular meetings, then not to worry. Unlike other Networking Groups, we do not believe in chastising our Members on this subject. We are more interested in quality rather than the number of referrals that Members bring to the Breakfast Meetings.

We offer local businesses two membership options. There is a Full Membership option for those who enjoy participating in weekly Networking meetings and is £200 per annum. And there is our unique Season Ticket option for those who would rather attend some but not all the meetings and is priced at £95 per annum. In both these options, your business will be exclusively represented within the Group for your particular Trade or Profession. All prices are subject to VAT.

The main objective of the Group having a community based website, is allowing us to reach out to the local community and encourage them to use our Website as a information, advice and communication medium. By encouraging more visitors to our Website, it, significantly, increases the exposure our Group and it's members will receive.

Many of our visitors will be looking for advice on topics that many of our Full Members will be able to help with. To gain help, visitors can visit our On-line Advice Helpdesk and raise an Advice Ticket. Those members participating in our Helpdesk, respond to Tickets and offer initial, free advice. Once contact has been made with a particular visitor, the visitor may wish to take their enquiry further, creating a possible sales opportunity for our Member.

For example, perhaps someone is thinking of building their own Website and are looking for some advice. In which case, our Web Design Member would, probably, respond by pointing them in the right direction and highlighting what needs to be considered. It also gives our Member the opportunity to introduce some of their own services that may be of interest to the visitor.  Full details for participating in our On-line Helpdesk can be found by clicking this link.

By this we mean, your business will be exclusively represented within the Group for your particular Trade or Profession. If you are an Accountant, then you will be the only Accountant within the Group. If you are a Plumber, then you will be the only Plumber. This ensures all business leads for your Trade/Profession are referred to you and is one of the key benefits of becoming a member of our Group.

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